A Basic Analysis of Samsung’s Galaxy AI, Google Pixel 8, and Apple’s Generative AI Features

The smartphone industry has witnessed a transformative shift with the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) features, enhancing user experiences and redefining the capabilities of mobile devices. Samsung’s latest Galaxy S24 series stands at the forefront of this evolution, boasting an array of AI-powered tools designed to simplify daily tasks, boost productivity, and foster creativity. In this article, we delve into the intricacies of Samsung’s Galaxy AI and compare its standout features with those offered by industry rivals Google and Apple.

Samsung’s Galaxy AI Features:

Live Translation:

Samsung’s Live Translation tool emerges as a standout feature, enabling real-time voice and text translation during phone calls in 13 languages and 17 dialects.

A remarkable tool for breaking language barriers, Live Translation facilitates basic conversations between individuals speaking different languages.

Similar to Google’s translation capabilities, this feature adds a layer of convenience to global communication.


Building on the concept of Live Translation, Interpreter focuses on translating conversations into text, displayed on a split-screen.

This text-based translation works seamlessly even without cellular data or Wi-Fi, offering a practical solution for multilingual communication.

Circle to Search:

An innovative feature allowing users to launch a Google search by circling any element on the screen, using either their finger or the S Pen stylus.

Offers a quick and intuitive way to gather information about images, videos, or text, enhancing the overall search experience.

Chat Assist:

Integrated into the keyboard, Chat Assist aids users in composing messages, emails, and social media posts by analyzing and adjusting the text’s tone.

Provides versatility by offering tailored text options based on the desired communication style, whether professional or casual.

Generative Edit:

Leveraging generative AI, this feature empowers users to make reality-bending edits to photos, reminiscent of Google Pixel 8’s Magic Editor.

Allows for the removal of objects, with AI seamlessly filling in the background, providing users with advanced photo editing capabilities.

Note Assist:

A comprehensive tool that generates AI-generated summaries of notes, translates and formats files within Samsung’s Notes app, and creates digital covers for easy identification.

Google Pixel 8 AI Features:

Magic Editor:

Google Pixel 8’s Magic Editor stands out with its ability to make complex photo edits effortlessly using generative AI and advanced processing techniques.

Beyond basic edits, users can reposition elements, remove unwanted objects, and even generate entirely new backgrounds.

Best Take:

An impactful tool that allows users to swap faces in a series of photos, ensuring the creation of a perfect image where everyone is looking at the camera with eyes open.

Call Screen:

Google’s Call Screen feature, powered by Assistant, answers calls on the user’s behalf to combat unwanted robocalls and scams.

The Assistant’s natural-sounding voice and improved contextual understanding enhance the call screening experience.

Audio Magic Eraser:

Using AI, this tool targets and removes unwanted sounds in recorded videos, providing users with the ability to enhance audio quality by eliminating background noise.

Apple’s iPhone Generative AI (Expected Future Features):

While Apple’s iPhones have incorporated AI for years, the focus has primarily been on improving camera processing for better photo and video quality. However, the next iPhone iteration, the iPhone 16 series, is rumored to introduce generative AI features, aligning with the advancements made by Google and Samsung.

iOS 18 Gen AI Technology:

Speculated to debut in iOS 18, Apple’s gen AI technology aims to enhance Siri and the Messages app’s question-handling and sentence auto-completion capabilities.

Large Language Models (LLM):

Apple plans to leverage large language models, a crucial element of generative AI, to make Siri smarter. Expected to be released in a future iPhone software update, this feature aims to improve Siri’s overall intelligence.


As the smartphone industry embraces the era of AI-driven innovations, Samsung’s Galaxy AI, Google Pixel 8, and Apple’s anticipated generative AI features showcase the potential for transformative user experiences. Each brand brings unique strengths to the table, and users’ preferences will likely determine the choice between these advanced AI capabilities. Whether it’s breaking language barriers, perfecting photo edits, or revolutionizing voice assistant interactions, the integration of AI features continues to redefine the possibilities within the mobile landscape.

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